Our Strategy

Though there are several businesses or organizations that do entrepreneurship, vocational training and youth empowerment, yet the rate of youth unemployment still lingers because many youths have not started a business before, so they need to be mentored by professionals. And many who already have a business lack the financial and material resources to run it successfully.

Many organizations just train and leave the youths struggling to startup. Motivated Mankind is a social enterprise because we are more interested in the impact and sustainability of our solution. Our strategy for young entrepreneurs is Training, Mentorship, and Support.

  • We focus on youth development and youth empowerment.
  • We are mobile; we take our service to our beneficiaries.
  • We add technological innovation to fast track our service to our beneficiaries.
  • We have free mentorship service to our existing beneficiaries to help them grow their business.
  • We help our beneficiaries promote their business using the internet and social media.
  • Our services are rendered at affordable rates to our beneficiaries.

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